2016 Marching Band Calendar Updated 4/19/16

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay. The 2016 Marching Band Calendar is officially out. As much as we would love for all of you to join us this season, please take a very careful look at the calendar before you make any commitments. The last thing we want to do is put you in a situation where you might need to drop because of other commitments that conflict with marching band. Please feel free to talk to us if you have any scheduling questions.

I’m looking forward to another exciting season. I hope to see everyone at our upcoming uniform sizing.

MB 2016 calendar updated on 4-19-16


Tickets for the final ALOHA CONCERT go on sale this
Tuesday April 5th. Tickets are $15 general admission. Children under 3 years are free. Ticket sales happen during lunch at F101

Ticket Sales Schedule
Tuesday 4/5: Booster Paid Members Only
Wednesday 4/6: Booster Paid Members Only
Thursday 4/7: Open to All

Make checks payable to: Moanalua High School Music Boosters Assn

Get your tickets fast as they will sell out!

2016 Marching Band Uniform Fitting

The Moanalua High School Marching Band Uniform Committee is having field uniform sizing for the 2016 season.  The field uniforms and shako hats are rented for a fee.

DATE:  Sunday, April 10, 2016
TIME:   2:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
PLACE: MoHS Chorus Room – F101

DATE:  Sunday, April 17, 2016
TIME:   2:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
PLACE: MoHS Chorus Room – F101

DATE:   Wednesday, April 20, 2016
TIME:    6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.
PLACE:  MoHS Chorus Room – F101

It is important to ensure every effort to attend your designated fitting day listed above!  Wear your athletic wear clothing to fitting day!  No jeans shorts or jeans pant, please.  This will make it quicker to try on the field bib pants.

**  A $65.00 non-refundable initial uniform fitting fee is due **

Payment accepted is cash or check* payable to “MoHS Music Boosters Assc.”.

Please download the attached flyer for the complete information!!!

Thank you everyone!!!

Click on link below to download information flyer:



2016 Aloha Concert Senior Messages

Hey Music Dept. Seniors! It’s hard to believe it’s already time for your final Aloha Concert. As this milestone approaches, it is also time for your to submit your senior message for the 2016 Aloha Concert Program.

Here is the info that you will need:

  • Messages must not exceed 20 words. (the, and, is, &, etc are considered as words. Punctuation are not considered as words as long it is not used as multiple…ex: ?!%#!!!!!!!!) Messages that exceed 20 words will not be submitted into the program.
  • No inappropriate language, symbols, or intentions will be allowed. Any message containing inappropriate matter will be deleted
  • Please keep messages music department related. (ie: “Thanks to my friends from  Waipahu and the drama club” (0.0) NO!!!!)
  • All messages must be received no later than Wednesday April 6 at 11:59pm.
  • Click on the “comment” link of this message. You will be asked to leave your full name (no nicknames) and email address just in case there is a question or concern. Answer your math problem! (^^)
  • Please check your information and messages that they are correct before your click “post comment”
  • Please do not submit multiple messages. If you do not see your message appear in the comment section…don’t panic! All comments need to be approved by me before you see it posted. There are only a certain amount of comments that appear.

Okay Seniors!!! See you leaving your final student messages for the Aloha Concert Program!!!!!

– Mr. Seta (^-^)/

Spring Break Music Room Hours

Hi Students,

I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring Break. Here are the times and dates that I’ll be opening up the room.

  • Saturday (3/19) 12pm  to 4pm
  • Monday (3/21) 2pm to 6pm
  • Tuesday (3/22) 2pm to 6pm
  • Wednesday (3/23) 2pm to 6pm
  • Thursday (3/24) 2pm to 6pm
  • Friday (3/25) 4pm to 8pm

The room is open for all MoHS Music Department Students to practice and do music department related work. Please do take advantage of this opportunity…especially if you cannot practice at home.

Enjoy the rest of the break and I hope to see a bunch of you come in to do a little practising.

2016 MoHS Music Booster Scholarship Application

To all MoHS Music Department Seniors (and senior parents),

Our wonderful Music Boosters Association has provided our music department senior class with a great opportunity to get some much needed money for the journey into the crazy (and expensive) world of college. This opportunity is open to all seniors currently enrolled in a Band, Chorus, or Orchestra class. You must also be a current member of the MoHS Music Booster Association.

The form can be found in the front of U101, the College & Career Center, and at the bottom of this post. Please read and fill out the form very carefully.

Please do not waste this opportunity. Good luck.

MoHS 2016 Scholarship Application

Charity Concert 2015

Hi Everyone!

The Moanalua High School Symphonic Wind Ensemble and the Symphony Orchestra will be hosting a charity concert this Sunday, December 13, at the Moanalua High School gymnasium.  The doors will open at 5:30pm and the concert will start at 6:00pm.  Tickets are $10 and will be sold at the door. Children ages 5 and under may enter for free.  All proceeds will be going to Shriners Hospitals for Children.  In order to make this concert a success, we need all of your support.  Let’s celebrate the season of giving, by giving to those in need! Thank you and we hope to see you all there!


Marching Band New Direction Seeks Your Help

Hey there all you amazing MoHS Music Department Friends and supporters!

I am posting this on behalf of the members of the music department and myself to reach out for assistance.

As some of you may know, I’ve been on sabbatical leave this semester to go back to school and take the time to find ways for our music program to grow even further than you have lead it to be until this day. Though it was really hard to be away from the students for so long, it was really beneficial for me to take the time to think about “where do we go next?”

I’ve had much time to look into where we are with the marching band and what we have to do to take it to the next level. After much research, conferencing with the best in the business, and of course looking at the vision of this program…it is inevitable that we move forward into a new direction and level of performance.

The Moanalua High School “Menehune” Marching Band and Color Guard will be moving into a new direction next season that will hopefully take all of their hard work and make it blossom into a better product that will set a new standard. This direction does include seeking out the best drill writers and music arrangers in order to provide the students the best ideas and innovations to help them to reach for the highest level of learning. Just this part alone will cost up to approx. $10,000. Crazy yeah?

This enormous expense as you well know cannot only be sustained by school support and our incredible boosters assn. Although I have no doubt that the boosters assn will assist us in any way to encourage better opportunities for all music students, the yearly budget must always support ALL entities of the program.

With this in mind, if you or ANYONE else you know that would be willing to help us out with a monetary donation…every one of us would be so grateful. I do realize that you all have supported us in so many ways throughout the years so please don’t feel overly obligated to have to contribute. All I can say is that every little bit counts and will get us closer to the betterment of our amazing legacy that our students and alumni helped to build.

If you are able to donate, just click on the link below and it will take you straight to our website donation page. Click on donate and it will connect you to our paypal account where you can donate using your credit or debit cards. Under purpose put down “Marching Band Donation”

If you prefer to send a check instead, then you can send it to:
Moanalua HS Music Dept.
2825 Ala Ilima St.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96818
Attn: Marching Band Donation

Thank you so much everyone! I truly appreciate your kind consideration. As a 30 year director of the MoHS Music Dept. i still immersify myself with the passion to help the music program grow and develop at it’s highest level. Music in my opinion is a major key in the successful development of high integrity and human ethics. With all the violence in the world now, don’t you think that there has never been a time where young students need it more? The student motto is “you don’t have to be the best in the world, but be the best FOR the world!”

Please pass this message to anyone that you know!!!!

Thank you again everyone! Happy and Safe Holidays to you all!!!

Elden T. Seta
Music Director

Marching Band Donation

SWE National Festival DVD

To all 2015 SWE members,

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as you all await the DVD and CD of your incredible performance at the National Festival in March.

I have been in touch with Music for All letting them know how anxious you all are to get your DVD. Unfortunately, Music for All is currently working very hard to resolve some legal issues with copyright. This is in no way connected with your performance in particular but in general. Thus no groups have gotten their performance discs yet. They hope to resolve this matter soon so they can begin production and get your DVD/CD sets to you.

I do have the video file of your performance that you have seen already. I requested to have this put on YouTube so that you could view and share your experiences , but again due to contracts and legal issues I have not received permission to do so.

I apologize again for the terrible delay and will keep in touch with you all when things start rolling.

thanks again everyone!

– Mr. Seta (^-^)/

Winter Concert 2015!

Hi Everyone,

It’s amazing how fast time flies. It felt like it was just yesterday when our marching band season started, now we’re at Winter Concert. It’s been some crazy, yet fun times. On that note, thank you to everyone for supporting us. This is with regards to both our marching season and our regular classes. We couldn’t have made it this far without your help. Now, on to Winter Concert announcements…

Our Winter Concert 2015 will be held this SaturdayDecember 5, 2015 at Pearl City Cultural Center (P.C.C.C). The concert starts at 5 pm, doors open at 4:15. We’re doing open seating, so first come first serve. We will be featuring the following groups in this order…

  • Concert Band
  • Concert Strings
  • Chorus
  • Concert Choir
  • Concert Orchestra
  • Symphonic Band
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Symphonic Wind Ensemble

Tickets are $15 and are very limited. As of today, we have about 150 tickets left. Students can buy tickets from any of the directors during the morning, recess, lunch, or after school. Whatever tickets are left will be sold at the door.

Thanks again for your support and I hope to see everyone at the concert!

Mililani Bandfest! – CORRECTION

Here’s a correction. Hopefully this reaches some of you before you head to Mililani. The festival starts at 5:15 this evening. Moanalua is scheduled to perform at 8:30. Hopefully we’ll be back at school by 10:30.

Sorry about that. See everyone there.


Hi Everyone,

Miliani Bandfest is literally just around the corner. Here are some last minute reminders.

  • Report time is 12 pm for the Guard and 1 pm for Winds and Perc. We will be having a short rehearsal at MoHS, so please wear comfortable clothing.
  • Double check that you have all the components of your uniform. That includes you dog tag, stars, and headband. If anyone is missing a headband, we will not be performing with it at this festival!
  • The festival ends at around 10:15 pm. We will hopefully be back at MoHS before 11:30 pm.

Here’s some general information for everyone.

  • The festival starts at 6:00 pm.
  • There will be a total of 14 performances. Moanalua is scheduled to perform at 9:30
  • The festival will also be televised on OC 16

Thank you and see you all at the festival!


Hi Everyone,

Here are some last minute Aloha Week Parade announcements and reminders. First off, students we meet bright and early at 6 am. Be here (fully dressed in parade uniform) early to make sure you get your lei and haku. Once our equipment is all loaded up, we’re getting on the bus and we’re leaving. The bus waits for no one! Students, if you’re not there by the time we leave, you’re not marching the parade.

The parade starts at 9 am. Unfortunately for this year, we’re in the 90’s in terms of parade placement. That means we probably won’t step off until after 9:30…maybe even closer to 10. We should make it to Kapiolani Park by around 11/11:30. From there we’ll just take it easy. We should be back at school by 2:00. Hopefully even earlier, but maybe even later.

When we get back to school, we are collecting the aloha shirts. Please make sure you have a change a close for when we get back. No one is to leave without returning their uniform.

Sleep early and I hope to see everyone bright and early tomorrow.

Zippy’s Fundraiser

Hello MoHS music department parents – Our main music boosters fundraiser for the fall semester is the sale of Zippy’s fundraiser tickets. The tickets are redeemable for Zippy’s chili, Portuguese bean soup, meat sauce or frozen cookie dough. The tickets expire on November 1, 2015. Each music department student received an envelope with 15 fundraiser tickets last week. The price is $9 per ticket. If you would like to make a cash donation in lieu of selling tickets, a donation of $60 is suggested. A flyer inside the envelope has more info and needs to be signed by a parent and returned back with monies and/or unsold tickets.

Deadline to turn in money and/or unsold tickets: Wednesday, Sept. 23. Students will be responsible for paying for any unreturned tickets ($135 if none of the tickets are returned).

Prizes – for every 15 tickets sold or $60 donated will get the student a raffle ticket to be eligible to win prizes like aQUAD COPTER DRONE WITH CAMERA and WATERPROOF WIRELESS SPEAKER.

Please encourage your child to sell the tickets. All the monies ultimately benefit the music program to provide the students with great musical learning opportunities.

If you have any questions or need more tickets, please contact Danny Wong at dpcwong@kpmg.com or 808-551-9963.

Thank you!

Band Camp Money Reminder

Hi Everyone,

This is just a friendly reminder that your Band Camp Money is due tomorrow (8/6/15). Remember that we don’t take anything late, so make sure that you bring it to practice! If you’re not sure you paid, there is a big list on the white board of people who owe me envelopes. If there’s a mistake, let us know

If you don’t pay for camp, you don’t go. If you don’t go to camp, you don’t march the show. Please don’t put us in that situation. Just be sure to get it in on time.

Thank you! See everyone tomorrow.

Weekend Workout 1 (Sat.) – Panda Lunch Reminder

Hello marching band and color guard parents – An envelope was passed out on Tuesday July 28th to all marching band and color guard students to see if they are interested in purchasing a Panda Express lunch for the Saturday August 8 Weekend Workout. The music boosters will be serving orange chicken, beef broccoli and rice for $7. Save yourself the hassle of packing a lunch for your child and let us serve them a delicious meal. The deadline to turn in your envelope and money (cash only please) is Tuesday, August 4th.
In addition, we will be having a Panda Express fundraiser the weekend of August 7 – 9 at the Moanalua Shopping Center Panda Express. If you present the flyer below at the Moanalua Shopping Center Panda Express, 20% of your purchase will be donated to the music boosters.
The flyer is also available at: http://mohsmusic.com/tuba/?p=1279 .
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Danny Wong, fundraising co-chair, at 808-551-9963 or via email at dpcwong@kpmg.com.  Thank you for your continued support of the Moanalua High School music program!

Fun Run – Big Mahalo!

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much to all of the people that generously donated money to our annual Marching Band Fun Run! It was a big success thanks to all of your generosity. We also had a great time running around our newly done football field…well at least the students did. I was dying half through the first lap.

Anyway, more details will be released in the coming days…like the section that raised the most money per person (average). We also have the raffle drawing to look forward to. Thanks again for all of your support. We all really appreciate it.


Fun Run Update….

We raised over $4,000!
Raffle winners:
First place (waterproof wireless speaker) – Gavin Hirai
Second place (wireless headphones) – Kori Young
Third place (2 movie tickets) – Jake Kaneshiro
Section with the highest average donation: Drum majors
Congratulations and Mahalo to everyone that contributed!

Marching Band 101- Thank You!

To all the parents that attended Marching Band 101 this past Thursday (7/23), thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to learn more about our MoHS Marching Band and Color Guard program. We hope that you left the meeting with far more answers than questions.

What we do, both on and off the field, would be impossible without your support. It is thanks to all of your efforts and understanding that the students can participate and perform at their highest level.

We look forward to all of the great things that this marching season will bring. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. Thanks again for coming and we’ll definitely see you around this season.

Important Dates Coming Up!

Hi Marching Band Students and Parents,

It’s been a really crazy, yet fun, first week of marching band. I just wanted to let everyone know about some important dates that are literally just around the corner.

First off, the Parent Authorization Form (looks like a field trip form) is due this Tuesday (7/21). If you do not turn in this form by the end of rehearsal on Tuesday, then we cannot allow you to continue participating in marching band. NO LATE FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Exceptions will only be granted to the students that have both been absent these first few practices and they turned in an excuse note notifying us of their absence in advance. Everyone else is expected to turn in this form on time.

Second, the Marching Band Picnic Envelope is also due this Tuesday (7/21). This is not a required event, but all students are highly encouraged to attend. It is a great opportunity to meet and get to know new people. It’s a lot of fun and the food is always great. You’ll definitely be missing out if you do don’t go. Just like above, we will not accept any late forms. Officers and section leaders, you are all expected to be there. If you cannot make it…remember what “professionalism” is.

Third, Excuse Notes are due on Thursday (7/23). Please make sure you include who, when, and why you’re missing rehearsal. If you do not turn in a note by Thursday, that’s you telling us that you will be at every rehearsal. Of course, exceptions may be granted to emergencies like sickness. If there are issues that do come up throughout the season, we will deal with them case by case.

Fourth, the Fun Run Envelopes have been passed out. This is the first fundraiser for our boosters organization. Our boosters cover a lot of the costs for our marching band and entire music department. That includes, but is not limited to, paying for all of our buses and equipment truck rentals, instrument repairs, and new music and props. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to function at the capacity that we do. So, if you could please help support the boosters by asking family, friends, and community members if they would be willing to donate to our organization. All the money really goes back to all of the students. These envelopes are due by Sunday (7/26), which is also the day of the fun run. The fun run will be held after practice.

Finally, Marching Band 101 is on Thursday (7/23) from 6:30 – 8:30 at the Student Center Meeting Room. If you don’t know where that is, no worries. We’ll put up some signs to help you out. This meeting is a mandatory meeting for all “Rookie” parents/guardians. What we mean by “Rookie” is new to the program. So parents/guardians that have had children go through this program before, don’t have to attend. This meeting is geared toward the people that are completely new to our Moanalua High School Marching Band program. The meeting is run by our Music Boosters organization, who are also parents of current and alumni students. They will address a lot of the questions that many of you may have about this marching band program. Even if you’re not new to the program, you are welcomed to attend.

I think that’s about it. Here at Moanalua High School, we take deadlines and commitments very seriously. We only have these expectations because we know that all of you can meet it.  Thanks for reading and I’ll see everyone soon.

Sectional Reminder

Hi Guard, Woodwind, and Percussion Members,

This is just a friendly reminder that you have sectionals on Tuesday (5/14). Here are the times…

  • Percussion: 3:00 – 5:00
  • Guard: 4:00 – 5:45
  • Woodwinds: 4:15 – 5:30

Please remember that sectionals are NOT optional. We will talk more about the schedule and our music department policies at our first full rehearsal. I hope you’re all ready to make some great music, work hard, and have a lot fun! See you on Tuesday!

First Full MB Rehearsal Reminder

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you’re all enjoying your summer. Hopefully you’re getting a lot of R&R (rest and relaxation) but you’re also spending some time on your instruments (or equipment for the guard).

Our first full band rehearsal is already upon us…can you believe it? Well believe it or not, it’s here. We all have somewhere to be this Tuesday (7/14/15) from 6pm – 8:30pm. Please be seated and ready to go at 5:50pm in U101. Please don’t forget your…

  • instrument/equipment (that includes your mouthpiece, reeds, and sticks)
  • shoes (and socks!)
  • music
  • Water cooler (a bottle or a hydro flask is not going to cut it)
  • Pencil
  • Bag (this is so you don’t lose or misplace the important documents that are going to be passed out)
  • A good attitude

I look forward to our first rehearsal. Like I mentioned earlier, a lot of paperwork needs to be passed out at this rehearsal. Please make sure you have something to put it away in. You only get one copy of all of these papers, so don’t lose it! Be organized and responsible. Other than that, enjoy the rest of your summer and I’ll see everyone in a few days.

Updated again…2015 Marching Calendar

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone’s summer has been going well. For all of you attending summer rehearsals, thank you for taking the time to be there. I hope you’re learning a lot and meeting a lot of new people.

Here’s the latest edition of the 2015 Marching Band Calendar. There have been some pretty significant changes from the previous calendar. Some changes include an additional football game, an altered Aloha Week Parade date, and a set performance schedule. Please take a close look at it.

The regular marching band practices are almost upon us. I look forward to seeing the whole band together. Keep working hard and I’ll see everyone soon.

2015 MB Calendar (6.22)

Concert Band 4th Quarter Assessment

Hey there Concert Band! Here is your assessment example. Download and print your instrument’s music and copy the dynamic shaping into your “I Recommend”.

Pay close attention to the dynamic shaping. Practice this with a metronome so that you don’t drift of the tempo. (halfnote = 90)

Practice!!!! p(^-^)q

Accent Etude –Xylophone
Accent Etude – Tuba
Accent Etude – Trombone
Accent Etude – Trumpet
Accent Etude – tenor sax
Accent Etude – oboe
Accent Etude – Horn in F
Accent Etude – flute
Accent Etude – Euphonium
Accent Etude – Bassoon
Accent Etude – Clarinet
Accent Etude – bass clarinet
Accent Etude – alto sax
Accent Etude – Baritone Saxophone

Marching Band Uniform Fitting

Hey gang! It’s time!!! For what?  MARCHING BAND!!!! WOO HOOOO!!!!

Marching Band Uniform fitting is coming up real fast. Returnees will need to come in this coming Sunday April 26.

Rookies will come in on Sunday May 3rd.

If you cannot make it on Sunday, there will be one more day Wed May 13.

See the attached flyers for information and details. There are two flyers one for returnees and another for rookies. Be sure that you download the correct one!!!

See you all at Uniform Fitting! Woo Hooo!!!!



Aloha concert Senior Messages

Hey Music Dept. Seniors! It’s hard to believe it’s already time for your final Aloha Concert. As this milestone approaches, it is also time for your to submit your senior message for the 2015 Aloha Concert Program.

Here is the info that you will need:

  • Messages must not exceed 20 words. (the, and, is, &, etc are considered as words. Punctuations are not considered as words as long it is not used as multiple…ex: ?!%#!!!!!!!!) Messages that exceed 20 words will not be submitted into the program.
  • No inappropriate language, symbols, or intentions will be allowed. Any message containing inappropriate matter will be deleted
  • Please keep messages music department related. (ie: “Thanks to my friends from  Waipahu and the drama club” (0.0) NO!!!!)
  • All messages must be received no later than Thursday April 16 at 11:59pm.
  • Click on the “comment” link of this message. You will be asked to leave your full name (no nicknames) and email address just in case there is a question or concern. Answer your math problem! (^^)
  • Please check your information and messages that they are correct before your click “post comment”
  • Please do not submit multiple messages. If you do not see your message appear in the comment section…don’t panic! All comments need to be approved by me before you see it posted. There are only a certain amount of comments that appear.

Okay Seniors!!! See you leaving your final student messages for the Aloha Concert Program!!!!!

– Mr. Seta (^-^)/

Carwash Fundraiser

Hello all!!! Isn’t it time to wash your car??? As the bad rains pass us and hot weather sets in comes the time to have your vehicle cleaned!

WELL…. the students of the music department will be running a special CAR WASH FUNDRAISER this week Sunday April 12. Funds from this event will go to defraying the high cost of putting on their annual banquet at the end of the year.

The music department banquet is one of the biggest events of the year for our school. It’s known for it’s high quality food, entertainment, and fellowship.  As the cost of putting on the banquet rises, students are working on their own to help keep quality up and costs down.

Come out to Waialae Chevron and bring your cars, vans, SUVs. Information is listed below!

See you all getting your cars cleaned by the amazing members of the Music Department!!!

What: Music Department Car Wash
When: Sunday April 12, 2015
Time: 9:00am-3:00pm
Where: Waialae Cheveron
4117 Waialae Ave
Honolulu Hi 96816
(Corner of 21st Ave. and Waialae Ave. in Kahala)

Cost: Cars – $10.00 / Trucks and SUVs: $15.00

Journey to the National Festival Concert

Hi everyone! Looking forward to a great concert today!!!

Warning: Lot’s of traffic on the H-1 Westbound today due to construction. You may want to avoid the freeway. Taking Aiea/Halawa…Moanalua Road…Kam Hwy may be an option. check the HI traffic conditions and give yourselves a lot of time to get to PCCC.

Tickets are still available so just come on down and join us!!!!

Student Performers: report at 3pm. Don’t forget your dinners if you didn’t order bento. Dinner is at 4:45pm. Bring water to keep yourselves hydrated!

Concert Starts at 6pm!!!!

See you all there!!!!

– Mr. Seta

Music Boosters Assn Scholarship

Attention all Music Department Seniors!

Believe it or not…your 4th and final quarter of high school is already here.  I know college expenses are on all of your minds as it was for all of us. Why don’t you apply for the Music Boosters Assn. Scholarship?
You spent so much of your life in music, might as well give it a good shot!!!

Click on the both links below and print out your application. Applications are due by April 15, 2015

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!!!

MoHS 2015 Scholarship Application- V04 _1_

MoHS 2015 Scholarship Involvement Record- V03

Dr. Brian Bowman Recital

World renown Euphonium Soloist Dr. Brian Bowman will be performing a special recital here in Hawaii. See info below! Don’t miss out on this spectacular musical performance!!!


When: Saturday March 7, 2015
Time: 1:30pm
Where: UH Music Dept. Mae Zenke Orvis Auditorium
Ticket Cost: $15 General Admission / $10 Students w/ ID

Call 831-7905 to inquire about tickets. Tickets will also be available at the door if available.

“Journey to the National Festival” Concert


Join us on March 8, 2015 for a special performance by the Moanalua High School Symphonic Wind Ensemble. The SWE will be traveling to Indianapolis next month to make their national debut at the Music for All National Band Festival.

This presentation will also feature world renown euphonium soloist Dr. Brian Bowman.

Concert takes place at Pearl City Cultural Center Auditorium on March 8th (Sunday). Concert begins at 6pm. General Admission: $15.00. All Proceeds from this concert will go to defraying the huge cost to send the band to Indiana. Tickets will be on sale from February 16.

Be there to bid the Moanalua Symphonic Wind Ensemble “Good Luck” in this history making event. Looking forward to seeing all of you!!!

Call 831-7905 for details.

Symphonic Wind Ensemble National Band Festival

Hey all!!! Just want to let everyone know that the Moanalua Symphonic Wind Ensemble will be taking the national stage at the Music for All National Band Festival in Indianapolis. If you know of anyone in the area please spread the news to them. The band has been selected as one of the nations top ensembles and will perform with the best of the country. We hope that you will  be able to be there to share this special event.

The SWE performs on March 14 Saturday at 9am in Clowes Hall on the Butler University Campus. Below is information on getting tickets.

Concert Block 3
Clowes Memorial Hall
Sat., March 14, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Tickets are $18.00 for adults, $10.00 for H.S. Students/Senior Citizens or $5.00/ea for student groups of 10+
Here is the link:
It would mean a lot to the students to know that there are people there to support them.
Hope to see everyone in Indiana! History in the making!!!!
– Elden Seta (^-^)

Season of Giving Charity Concert

The Moanalua High School Music Department will present a special performance on Thursday December 11, 2014 entitled…”Season of Giving”. Hard working members will be performing an amazing evening of music filled with love and giving. All proceeds from this concert will be donated to the Aloha United Way in hopes that it will make a difference to people in need.

The concert will be held at the Moanalua High School Cafeteria starting at 7pm. Tickets are $10 and are now on sale through the Moanalua High School Music Dept. (831-7905). Tickets will also be available at the door as tickets last.

Join us in this “Season of Giving”. Don’t miss it! You will be amazed and enlightened.

Craft Fair Country Store Donations Needed

Hello all!!! Our annual Moanalua Music Dept. Craft Fair is just a week away!!! Time to get great deals and maybe some holiday shopping done with original and useful items!!!

One of the more popular booths at the fair is our very own “Country Store.”  Music Boosters Assn. is asking for any items that you would be willing to donate to sell at the country store to help raise more funding for the music students.

Please click on the link below to view the PDF with the specifications.

Thank you for everything!!!

Country Store Donations 2014 Winter Craft Fair


Aloha Week Parade

Hey MB!!!! Well it’s the big day!!! ALOHA WEEK PARADE!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!

Please get lots of rest tonight and drink a lot of water.

Here are some reminders for all of you

  • Report Time: 6:00am (Guard 5:00am)
  • Aloha Uniform (Winds and Perc):
    Aloha Shirt
    Black Dickies Pants
    Belt is optional nut must be ALL Black
    Black Socks (Half Calve or Higher)
    Black Marching Band Shoes (Cleaned and Polished)Guard:
    Aloha Uniform:
    Rifles: Same as Winds and Perc, Guard Shoes, Gloves
    Sabers and Flags:
    Aloha Top and Skirt
    Potato Shoes

    All Hair that is below shoulders must be tied back. Yes that includes the men.

Morning Meal Warnings:
Be sure to eat something before reporting to the music room. Be careful of certain foods that may have  a bad affect on you during the parade.

  • No Citrus (Orange, Grapefruit juices)
  • Stay away from Oily Foods
  • No coffee or strong tea. NO CAFFEINE!
  • WATER is your best bet.
  • Breads are good!

Suntan Lotion is optional. Do not apply over eyes or on forehead.

Please be sure to bring extra change of clothes as you will need to turn your uniform in after arrival back to school. No exceptions to this rule.

If you are going to the Waterpark, please bring all of your things in a bag to take with you. You may leave it in the music room when we are at the parade.

Info to your parents:

  • They may pick you up at school:
    No Waterpark: approx 1:00pm
    Waterpark bound: 5:00pm
  • Parade begins at 9:00am. We are unit #6 in the parade. It begins at Ala Moana Park and ends at Kapiolani Park.
  • They MAY NOT pick you up from the parade site!!! Don’t even ask.

See you all tomorrow “DARK AND EARLY!”

Thanks gang!!!

– Mr. Seta


Sup a Long Thank You

On behalf of the directors and members of the Moanalua High School Music Department, I would like to extend a heart felt thank you to all that attended our Annual Sup-a-Long Family Night on Sunday! It was a terrific turn out and it was especially nice to see so many new faces!

I hope that you enjoyed the Marching Band exhibition and got a good idea of what the philosophy of your child’s music education is about as well as the benefits that go with it.

We also extend a our sincere apologies for the errors that occurred with some of your bento orders during the dinner portion. Unfortunately due to our oversight, a portion of the orders did not make it in to the parents in charge. I am truly sorry to the many families that were inconvenienced and we will do all we can to ensure that this does not happen again in our future events.

Thank you also to the many families that generously donated cases of water for our many events this year. Donations are truly appreciated and will be put to very good use this year!

To all a very fond Mahalo for taking great interest in your child’s education, but more importantly their future well being.

Let’s all continue to work together to make your child’s education at Moanalua High School the very best!

Looking forward to seeing all of you at our upcoming events.

Elden T. Seta
Music Director
Moanalua High School



Congratulations to Moanalua High School “Menehune” Marching Band & Color Guard alumnus for your amazing feat at the DCI World Championships! We are all so proud of you!!! YOU ARE ALL WORLD CLASS!!!

Sonia Benzor (c/o 2013) – Blue Devils (1st Place World Champions)
Christian Alcantara (c/o 2011) – Bluecoats (2nd Place)
Andrew Ching (c/o 2011) – Santa Clara Vanguard (4th Place)
Chad Ullery (c/o 2012) – Mandarins (21st Place)

MB Rehearsal (Sun 8/10)

Hey gang! I hope that everybody is safe from the storm. We should all be grateful that it did not hit us here as hard as other places. “LUCKY YOU LIVE HAWAII!”

This message is to confirm that Marching Band Practice for Sunday August 10 is on as scheduled. Please be here no later than 10:50am for roll call.

We lost a crucial day yesterday that we can’t get back so this rehearsal is crucial to all of us. Please do not be absent!!! Go over your charts and be sure that your coordinates are marked. Review past movements learned so that we don’t have to go back to re-learn.


  • Bring lot’s of water! We will be on the field for a good length of time. You MUST have a water jug!!!
  • Sunscreen, protective eye wear, and a hat is HIGHLY recommended!
  • Be sure to eat before you arrive and to pack a snack for yourself. We will have a 30 minute pass to the field only. This is NOT a lunch break. You can eat your snack at this time period.
  • All of movement 1 should be memorized at this point along with most of movement 2 which is fully memorized by Tuesday.
  • Get lots of rest tonight and be sure to stretch out.

OK GANG! I’ll see ya all tomorrow! (Sun)

– Mr. Seta (^-^)/

Today’s Weekend Workout Sunday 8/2

Hey gang! Good job yesterday at our first day of weekend workout. You pushed through the heat and got lot’s done!!! Please go over your charts and be sure to mark your coordinates so that we can move on and improve!!!

 In regards to today’s rehearsal, please be sure to eat before you arrive. At 2:00 we will have a 30 minute passing to the field. At this time you can quickly eat a snack before the field rehearsal begins. So….that means….pack a snack bring it with you to rehearsal. Also…please be sure that you have your water jugs with you at all rehearsals.
Ok see ya at 10:50!!! Don’t be late!!!
– Mr. Seta (^-^)/

MB Fundamentals Workout

Hey gang!!! Tomorrow is a big day for all of us. Please get lot’s of rest and drink lots of water.

Be ready in the music room by 1:50. Be sure to dress comfortably and be ready to protect yourselves from the sun. (Sunscreen, dark glasses, hat). Water jug with ice water. Wear shoes!

Be sure to bring your instruments. You will need them for the evening session.

Also, don’t forget to bring dinner! Pack it in a cooler to keep it from spoiling. Remember…having dinner is NOT an option.

Rehearsal ends at 9pm. Please remind your parents!!!

Ladies and gentlemen….please don’t miss this session tomorrow! It is absolutely crucial for the sake of all!!!

See you at rehearsal!!!

– Mr. Seta (^-^)/



Marching Band 101 for all Rookie Parents

All First Year, New and/or Rookie Parents

Tuesday, July 29 @ 7:30‐8:30PM


We are asking that at least one parent or guardian attend this important informational session. Information presented become essential to your child’s success in the program.

All Rookie Members will be receiving flyers regarding this event at the 7/24 rehearsal. You can also click on the link below to view and download.

We look for seeing all of you. Thank you so much!!!

2014 MARCHING BAND 101 Flyer


Updated MB Calendar (7/23)

Hey gang!!! Well we are off to a great start to the 2014 Season. Thank you all for already putting forward your best so that we ALL can achieve more.

There have been changes due to various reasons so please check on the updated calendar for adjustments.


  1. MB Intensive Workout. Sunday 7/27 2-9pm
  2. MB Rehearsal @ Aloha Stadium 10/26 (Guard 12:30/Full  2-7pm)

See you all at practice!!! Woo Hooo!!!!! \(^-^)/

– Mr. Seta (^-^)/

2014 MB Calendar

We are on our way!

Hey MB Gang!!! Well the 2014 MB season is well on it’s way.  The Color Guard and Drumline are in full swing and making amazing progress so far!!!!

Brass and Woodwinds are about to begin their summer sectionals too!!! Please check the updated calendar! There are changes in some of the placement of brass sectionals as well as corrected some errors in the Full Band.

If you have any questions, please call us at 831-7905 or email me at elden_seta@notes.k12.hi.us.

Thanks gang!!! It’s looking pretty EXCITING!!! WOO HOOOOO!!!!

2014 MB Calendar



2014 MB Season is about to begin!!!

Hey gang!!! Well can you believe that it’s already time for the MB Season to start up??? WOO HOOOOOO!!!! The “Seasons or Change” show is taking good shape as music is being composed and ideas are all coming together to make this show the best ever.

Percussion and Color Guard takes the forefront as auditions begin. Please take a look at the attached link to our MB Calendar. It has been updated so look carefully and make the necessary changes.

It’s not too late to join us, so if you are still interested see me (Mr. Seta) ASAP to get you in the fun. It’s time for the greatness to begin. 2014 Moanalua HS “Menehune” Marching Band and Color Guard…SEASONS OF CHANGE!!!


2014 MB Calendar
Updated 5/22/14