A music department as large, active, vibrant and successful as the one at Moanalua doesn’t happen without the support of numerous parents, alumni, students, volunteers and other benefactors.

To become an official Member of the Moanalua Music Boosters Association, you can find a copy of the annual membership application here.

Your annual tax deductable Membership contribution not only helps finance the programs, but registers you for newsletters and important email updates on current and upcoming activities. All parents of children enrolled in music at Moanalua

are strongly encouraged to join.

You are also welcome to join in on the fun by volunteering alongside our other parents and supporters. Email our Volunteer coordinator to learn what areas are in need of help.

To view a brief description of the primary events taking place in the first semester, click here.

For a description of events taking place in the second semester click here.

While the first semester activities generally revolve around Marching Band, and those of the second semester concentrate on Concert performances, everyone is invited to enjoy the various performances throughout the year.

Questions and comments directly relating to the Music Program should be addressed to your student and their Music Director. Questions relating to the support of these activities may be directed to a Booster volunteer at one of the following  addresses:

Board of Directors

President – president@mohsmusic.com

For questions relating to the music boosters as a whole.

Vice President – vicepresident@mohsmusic.com

For new fund raising opportunities.

Treasurer – treasurer@mohsmusic.com

Corresponding Secretary – corresponding.secretary@mohsmusic.com

Contact for press releases and other media related items.

Recording Secretary – recording.secretary@mohsmusic.com

Questions relating to meeting minutes.


Volunteer –

coordinates volunteers for the various sub-committees, some of which can be directly contacted below.

Membership – membership@mohsmusic.com

Contact to apply for, or to check your membership.

Fundraising – fundraising@mohsmusic.com

Contact to volunteer to assist with fundraising.  Questions relating to a specific fundraiser should be directed to the vice president.

Special Events – specialevents@mohsmusic.com

Contact to volunteer to help feed our starving young artists.

Spirit/Hospitality – spirithospitality@mohsmusic.com

Got spirit and have a little extra to share?  Contact us.

Transportation – transportation@mohsmusic.com

Contact if you have a car or truck and are willing to be a part of our caravan that transports water/food/equipment/instruments to and from various events.  The students provide the man power while the boosters provide the equipment transportation.

Uniforms – uniforms@mohsmusic.com

Contact for questions relating to choir or marching band uniforms.

Website – todd@mohsmusic.com

Contact with comments or suggestions about this website.

Menehune Classic – meneclassic@mohsmusic.com

This email address is used exclusively to process applications for bands planning to attend the Menehune Classic.

Menehune Classic Advertising – meneclassicadvertising@mohsmusic.com

People or companies wishing to advertise in the printed program, sponsor trophies, or be title sponsors.