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MB Chart Check

Hi everyone! It’s Chart Check Time!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!Here is the information on the chart check schedule and procedure.

How do you turn it in:
1) All charts must be in a folder or be bound together
2) Charts must be in order by 1st through 5th Movements
3) The exit chart page is required
4) All pages must have your position highlighted or circled
5) All pages must have your position(coordinate) marked (ie: Side B, 4 steps below front hash, 3 steps from the 45 yd line)
6) Be sure your name is on every page!!!!
7) You need not mark your spots on at Subset (ex: Page 7A) if your directions do not pertain to that set.

Charts are to be turned in after rehearsal on the required day. Your charts will be available for pick up at the following rehearsal.  See the schedule below.

See you at rehearsal!

– Mr. Seta (^-^)/

Officers, Section Leaders, and Drum Majors: Thursday Nov. 1st
Brass and Color Guard: Sunday Nov. 4th
Woodwinds and Perc: Wed. Nov. 7



Aloha Stadium Final Run Through

Hey everyone! Thanks for your hard work! The show is getting stronger and as we keep ironing out all of the kinks it will continue to get closer to that work of art that we are all aiming for. Please check the video and commentary. Remember to be positive…listen and watch with improvement in mind. Be humble….be considerate….and have the desire to be at your best for the sake of your family members.

You can do it MOANALUA!!!!

Your #1 fan!!! (^-^)/

Click on the link below

Final Run Through w/Commentary Stadium

Aloha Stadium Practice

Hi gang! Hope your weekend in going good so far. The show is getting better as we go through the grueling process of cleaning the show. Practice and positive thoughts will get us through his toughest part four season. You can do it!!!

We are so lucky to have the opportunity to practice in the Aloha Stadium on Sunday. Here are a few reminders for you. It will be a tough day of practice so please get enough rest so that you can be at your best. Also…don’t forget to stretch and drink lots of water.

Please be sure to eat lunch before you arrive. Heads up guard…eat before you come..there will be no lunch break.
11:30 – pit start loading
12:00 – guard rehearsal (warm up)
12:15-12:30 – everyone start loading
12:55 – take roll
6:00 – Return to Moanalua HS

Things that you need for rehearsal:

  • water jug
  • charts
  • Wear a White T-Shirt or Top
  • performance shoes
  • practice hat and sunglasses to protect you from sun.
  • performance hat with head dress (Winds and Perc)
  • jacket/poncho in case of rain
  • all instruments and equipment of course.

Best attitude and desire is a true must for all! Let’s go Moanalua!
See ya there!

– Mr. Seta (^_^)/

PS: Don’t forget OIA Ticket $ and Unsold tickets due on Sunday!!!    
PPS: Listen to your tech comments and watch video to study before Sunday 

Hat for Winds and Perc

Please don’t forget that you will need a hat for today’s rehearsal. We will be learning the exit for our show. A baseball style hat is best since it has a firm brim that doesn’t go around the entire hat. In other words…much like the hat that you wear.

Also…if you haven’t yet studied your comments and video, please do so so that you can make corrections and have a better idea of how you can contribute better to the show and of course your family!

I’ll see ya at practice.

Guard: 12pm
Brass: 12:15
Full Ensemble Seated at 1:50 (don’t be late)

Be sure to eat lunch before you arrive and bring lots of water in a water jug!!!


瀬田  (^-^)/

Menehune Classic Info

Hey everyone! The big day is here!! Woo Hooo!!!! Just a few reminders:

Report time: 3:30 pm
Meet at the Student Center. Please get dropped off at the student center parking lot.
If you are driving, please park in the student parking lot . Try to carpool as spaces are limited.

Be here in full dress uniform:
Winds and Perc:
Blue and Silver Top
Blue Underarmour Shirt
Black Vest
Black Bib Pants
Black Gaunlets (Don’t forget to pin them down)
Black Gloves
Black PERFORMANCE SHOES (Cleaned Please!!!)
Black Socks: Calf or higher
Rank Stars
Dog Tag (You will get it that night)
Black Hair Ties for hair past the shoulders or flying loosely around face area.
No jewelry or watches to be worn with your uniform. Best to leave them at home.

Full Dress Uniform (Includes all accecories and undergarments)
TAN: ladies Black: Men PERFORMANCE SHOES (Cleaned Please!!!)
Black Socks: Calf or higher (Guys)
Make Up
Rank Stars
Dog Tag (You will get it that night)
No jewelry or watches to be worn with your uniform. Best to leave them at home.

If you didn’t order Mene Classic Dinner, don’t forget to bring your own dinner.

Finally…don’t forget to let your parents know that we will all need to stay after to help clean.

Don’t forget about what we always speak about in regards to helping out and not letting our parent volunteers over work. And never forget to say THANK YOU! Let’s all do the RIGHT thing and make it the greatest classic ever!!! It’s the 10TH ANNUAL!!!!!!!

Thanks gang!!! Cya…blowing the crowd away with your show!!!


– Mr. Seta (^-^)/