2017 Aloha Concert Senior Message

Hey Music Dept. Seniors! It’s hard to believe it’s already time for your final Aloha Concert. As this milestone approaches, it is also time for your to submit your senior message for the 2017 Aloha Concert Program.

Here is the info that you will need:

  • Messages must not exceed 20 words. (the, and, is, &, etc are considered as words. Punctuation are not considered as words as long it is not used as multiple…ex: ?!%#!!!!!!!!) Messages that exceed 20 words will not be submitted into the program.
  • No inappropriate language, symbols, or intentions will be allowed. Any message containing inappropriate matter will be deleted
  • Please keep messages music department related. (ie: “Thanks to my friends from  Waipahu and the drama club” (0.0) NO!!!!)
  • All messages must be received no later than Friday April 14 at 11:59pm.
  • Click on the “comment” link of this message. You will be asked to leave your full name (no nicknames) and email address just in case there is a question or concern. Answer your math problem! (^^)
  • Please check your information and messages that they are correct before your click “post comment”
  • Please do not submit multiple messages. If you do not see your message appear in the comment section…don’t panic! All comments need to be approved by me before you see it posted. There are only a certain amount of comments that appear.

Okay Seniors!!! See you leaving your final student messages for the Aloha Concert Program!!!!!

– Mr. Seta (^-^)/

34 thoughts on “2017 Aloha Concert Senior Message”

  1. Whoever thought that learning Music could inspire us to become better people for the world? Thank you for everything!

  2. Cultivate the habit of being grateful for the things you are given. When words fail, Music speaks. Thank you for this!

  3. Started from the bottom, now I’m here! It’s been such a rollercoaster ride, but it was worth it! Thanks, MD!

  4. Music is literature of the heart; it begins where speech ends. New friends and unforgettable memories, Thank you MD!

  5. “Family is like music, some high notes, some low notes, but always a beautiful song” Mahalo Nui Loa MD Ohana\m/

  6. Thank you to the entire MD family for an amazing four years! Keep spreading peace, spreading love, and spreading music!

  7. WOW did that just really happen?! Thank you to everyone and the MD for making this long journey very memorable!

  8. Being in this department has been a true blessing, thank you everyone for being apart of this great organization!

  9. Thank you everyone for making the person I am today. Couldn’t have grew as a person without these great people.

  10. I’m incredibly grateful for all the lessons, laughter, and unconditional love you’ve given me throughout my journey here.

  11. “Music begins where the possibilities of language ends.” -Sibelius
    Thank you MD for all the music and memories!

  12. Music is a universal language, it can be spoken and understood by anyone. Thanks for the life-changing adventure!

  13. This journey gave me opportunities that has truly impacted the person I am today. Thank you MD for everything!

  14. Thank you, MD directors and family, for changing our lives for the better! My time here was such a blessing.

  15. I will never forget all of the lessons I have learned over these past four years. Thank you MD for all of the awesome memories!

  16. An amazing journey I’ve had these past four years filled with many memories and friends. Thank you MD for everything!

  17. I am so grateful to have had such an enriching and unforgettable experience here. Thank you so much, Music Department!

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