Aloha Stadium Rehearsal Sunday 10/30/16

Hey MB! Tomorrow is our big rehearsal at the Aloha Stadium. Please refer to the notes below to be help you prepare. Don’t miss it as it will cause you to be left out of our two major performances at the stadium. Take care, drink lots of water today, get lots of rest, and do your homework tonight as you will be so tired after the intense rehearsal!!!

 Also..please be sure to eat lunch before!!!! Parents if you are reading..please be certain that they eat before they arrive!!!

Guard lunch will be at 1:18pm after sectionals

– Loading time 1:45pm (PIT: please report at 1:30 to get all of your things packed)
– Roll will be taken at 2:00pm
– What to bring:
o Wear White Top (Guard: Red Section Shirt)
o Black Performance Shoes
o Performance Shako Hat
o Water Jug
o Charts
o Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses (optional, but encouraged)
 We will be back at 7:30pm so please have your parents pick you up no later than 7:45pm.

Finally, OIA ticket $ is due on Tuesday so if you wnat to turn it in tomorrow, we will collect at 2:00pm.

 See you all tomorrow!!!
– Mr. Seta (^-^)

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