Marching Band New Direction Seeks Your Help

Hey there all you amazing MoHS Music Department Friends and supporters!

I am posting this on behalf of the members of the music department and myself to reach out for assistance.

As some of you may know, I’ve been on sabbatical leave this semester to go back to school and take the time to find ways for our music program to grow even further than you have lead it to be until this day. Though it was really hard to be away from the students for so long, it was really beneficial for me to take the time to think about “where do we go next?”

I’ve had much time to look into where we are with the marching band and what we have to do to take it to the next level. After much research, conferencing with the best in the business, and of course looking at the vision of this program…it is inevitable that we move forward into a new direction and level of performance.

The Moanalua High School “Menehune” Marching Band and Color Guard will be moving into a new direction next season that will hopefully take all of their hard work and make it blossom into a better product that will set a new standard. This direction does include seeking out the best drill writers and music arrangers in order to provide the students the best ideas and innovations to help them to reach for the highest level of learning. Just this part alone will cost up to approx. $10,000. Crazy yeah?

This enormous expense as you well know cannot only be sustained by school support and our incredible boosters assn. Although I have no doubt that the boosters assn will assist us in any way to encourage better opportunities for all music students, the yearly budget must always support ALL entities of the program.

With this in mind, if you or ANYONE else you know that would be willing to help us out with a monetary donation…every one of us would be so grateful. I do realize that you all have supported us in so many ways throughout the years so please don’t feel overly obligated to have to contribute. All I can say is that every little bit counts and will get us closer to the betterment of our amazing legacy that our students and alumni helped to build.

If you are able to donate, just click on the link below and it will take you straight to our website donation page. Click on donate and it will connect you to our paypal account where you can donate using your credit or debit cards. Under purpose put down “Marching Band Donation”

If you prefer to send a check instead, then you can send it to:
Moanalua HS Music Dept.
2825 Ala Ilima St.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96818
Attn: Marching Band Donation

Thank you so much everyone! I truly appreciate your kind consideration. As a 30 year director of the MoHS Music Dept. i still immersify myself with the passion to help the music program grow and develop at it’s highest level. Music in my opinion is a major key in the successful development of high integrity and human ethics. With all the violence in the world now, don’t you think that there has never been a time where young students need it more? The student motto is “you don’t have to be the best in the world, but be the best FOR the world!”

Please pass this message to anyone that you know!!!!

Thank you again everyone! Happy and Safe Holidays to you all!!!

Elden T. Seta
Music Director

Marching Band Donation

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