Zippy’s Fundraiser

Hello MoHS music department parents – Our main music boosters fundraiser for the fall semester is the sale of Zippy’s fundraiser tickets. The tickets are redeemable for Zippy’s chili, Portuguese bean soup, meat sauce or frozen cookie dough. The tickets expire on November 1, 2015. Each music department student received an envelope with 15 fundraiser tickets last week. The price is $9 per ticket. If you would like to make a cash donation in lieu of selling tickets, a donation of $60 is suggested. A flyer inside the envelope has more info and needs to be signed by a parent and returned back with monies and/or unsold tickets.

Deadline to turn in money and/or unsold tickets: Wednesday, Sept. 23. Students will be responsible for paying for any unreturned tickets ($135 if none of the tickets are returned).

Prizes – for every 15 tickets sold or $60 donated will get the student a raffle ticket to be eligible to win prizes like aQUAD COPTER DRONE WITH CAMERA and WATERPROOF WIRELESS SPEAKER.

Please encourage your child to sell the tickets. All the monies ultimately benefit the music program to provide the students with great musical learning opportunities.

If you have any questions or need more tickets, please contact Danny Wong at or 808-551-9963.

Thank you!

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