SWE Assessment

Hey all you SWE members!!! Here is the beginning of the assessments for you. Please keep checking back daily for updates and additions. Please see me if you have any problems with printing the PDF files. You may have to go to ADOBE and load a free PDF reader. You will eventually have to have one anyway.

Notes and advice:

Check your tempi that are marked. Look at the dynamics and articulations carefully. 1st step is work with notes and rhythm…maintain a great tone quality throughout. Next step…express the dynamic and expressive markings to get full credit for musicality.

If you have questions…PLEASE ASK!

Remember what we talked about in class in regards to taking the full journey to reach higher greatness. It IS WORTH IT!!!!



SWE Trumpet Assessment 

SWE Clarinet Assessment

SWE Flute Assessment 

SWE Horn Assessment

SWE Alto Sax Assessment_1 

SWE Oboe Assessment 

SWE Trombone Assessment

SWE Bassoon Assessment

SWE Euphonium Assessment

SWE Bass Clar Assessment

SWE Tenor Sax Assessment

SWE Bari Sax Assessment

SWE Tuba Assessment

SWE Timpani Assessment


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