MB Update 7/10/20

Hello Marching Band Members and Parents,

I hope this email finds you well, safe, and in a good state of mind. This has in no doubt been a crazy 4 months. Things that seemed so simple and normal have become so complicated to say the least. I do want to thank all of you for being so patient and understanding. As we are all anxious to get going with our MB season, your instructors must always abide by our administrator’s guidance and directives. We also want to be sure that we proceed based on the decisions and guidelines. 
It is your School Superintendent and School Administration’s recommendation that “after school activities” not commence until August 18th. Full Band Rehearsals will therefore begin on August 18th. As much as this may disappoint all of us, it does allow you and your parents more time to make the best decisions for your well being. Let’s continue to be positive and eager as we get ready for an amazing season. We are MOANALUA! Marching Band or No Marching Band we always do what is best and safest for you. That’s why we are the best school in the world!
Question: Can one still join our marching band if they have not signed up yet? Yes of course. They music register with the intent form and send in their uniform deposit. Sign up link: https://forms.gle/wbAVSCnD1YxTedk8A
What should you all do now…

  • Please take a look at the rehearsal procedures and guidelines and revised rehearsal schedule
    • All procedures have been based on State-approved guidelines.
  • Please refer to the attached revised MB Calendar of Events
  • Be sure to submit your uniform deposit via mail or online as instructed on your previous uniform payment information
    • Deposits will now be due no later than Friday, August 7th
    • Your spot in the 2020 Marching Band Production “Firebird” will be solidified once your deposit has been received.
    • If you will be needing more time to submit your deposit please notify your uniform committee right away to state how much time you will need.
    • If we have not received your deposit and/or haven’t heard from you then we will exclude your name from the 2020 Marching Band Roster
    • If you will be requesting a refund for your uniform deposit please contact your uniform committee right away. Refund requests will not be honored after Aug 7th.  Email:  moanaluamb.uniforms@gmail.com
  • After you read through your procedures, begin to get all of your supplies and needs ready. Please remember that due to the new state guidelines you will need to provide various personal items to avoid sharing and promote proper and safe hygiene.
  • Pay special attention to your emails as you will soon receive several messages from your directors and student leaders (Check Daily) We will be starting to get in touch with you virtually with information including online tutorial training.
  • PRACTICE!!!!!
  • Prepare your bodies for incredible things:
    • Walking or jogging in your neighborhood or in a safe place is great not just for the marching band but for your health.  
    • Stretch
    • Drink lots of water
    • Finally…if we want to continue to do the things that we value like music, we must 
      • Wear your face masks when you are out and about with other people around you.
      • Wash Your Hands/Use Hand Sanitizer a lot
      • Be aware and respectful of social distancing
      • DO NOT share food and drinks directly
      • Eat properly. Drink a lot of water. Take vitamins. Keep your immune system strong.
      • Stay healthy…remember you will not be able to participate in any rehearsals or performances if you are not in good health.

We must all continue to be vigilant and contribute to keeping everyone safe. Your good choices will also do a lot to save lives as well as your school learning activities. Keep in mind….it will take only one act of inconsiderate behavior to ruin it for EVERYONE. Let’s do our part…we live in HAWAII….we have what no one in the world has…OHANA! We take care of each other here at Moanalua High School!!!!
Thank you so much to all!!! Looking forward to an amazing season!!!


Elden SetaMusic DirectorMoanalua High School

Marching Band Guidelines/Procedures For Rehearsal/Performance

MB 2020 Calendar UPDATED 7/10

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