Aloha concert Senior Messages

Hey Music Dept. Seniors! It’s hard to believe it’s already time for your final Aloha Concert. As this milestone approaches, it is also time for your to submit your senior message for the 2015 Aloha Concert Program.

Here is the info that you will need:

  • Messages must not exceed 20 words. (the, and, is, &, etc are considered as words. Punctuations are not considered as words as long it is not used as multiple…ex: ?!%#!!!!!!!!) Messages that exceed 20 words will not be submitted into the program.
  • No inappropriate language, symbols, or intentions will be allowed. Any message containing inappropriate matter will be deleted
  • Please keep messages music department related. (ie: “Thanks to my friends from  Waipahu and the drama club” (0.0) NO!!!!)
  • All messages must be received no later than Thursday April 16 at 11:59pm.
  • Click on the “comment” link of this message. You will be asked to leave your full name (no nicknames) and email address just in case there is a question or concern. Answer your math problem! (^^)
  • Please check your information and messages that they are correct before your click “post comment”
  • Please do not submit multiple messages. If you do not see your message appear in the comment section…don’t panic! All comments need to be approved by me before you see it posted. There are only a certain amount of comments that appear.

Okay Seniors!!! See you leaving your final student messages for the Aloha Concert Program!!!!!

– Mr. Seta (^-^)/

62 Responses to Aloha concert Senior Messages

  1. Alyssa Campbell says:

    Thanks to Ms. Barbosa, my best music teacher to date! And Parents for the support! MoHS music is life!

  2. Nicole Moon says:

    Live life to the fullest and give your all in everything you do.

  3. Justin Woo says:

    Thank you family, friends, directors, boosters for all the amazing memories through these four years. Love You All!!

  4. Jamie Hamamoto says:

    Thank you to the music department for making high school a wonderful experience! SWE members, good luck in future endeavors!

  5. Breann Wong says:

    Thank you parents, teachers, and friends. You have helped shape me into the person I am today.

  6. Irvin Cyrus Angelo Santos says:

    Dream big and chase it! No matter what happens just keep moving forward!

  7. Jared Miyashiro says:

    Thank you to the amazing friends, family, and boosters that have supported me and the Music Department throughout the years!

  8. Lauren Yee says:

    Thank you to the directors, boosters, brothers and sisters of the music department, and my family for all the support!

  9. Erin Wong says:

    Thanks so much directors, boosters, and MoHS music department family for all of the wonderful memories! I love you all!

  10. Skyena Antolin says:

    “Music is Life”- Mr. Meya

  11. Stacie Nishimura says:

    Thank you directors, music department family, boosters, and most of all, my family for supporting me throughout the years!

  12. Brandon Cassidy says:

    Thank you to the awesome directors, boosters, friends and family for the support through these four years. Love you all!

  13. Angela Min says:

    To the CO Violas: Don’t forget the goals we’ve set and standards we must exceed. I love and thank you!

  14. Brent Ramos says:

    Thank you friends, family, boosters and directors for making the music department a blast! Love you all!

  15. Dominique Ho says:

    Thank you to the directors, friends, family and boosters. You have guided me to be a better person. Much love!

  16. Devin Soogrim says:

    I extend my greatest gratitude to everyone who contributed to one of the best programs at Moanalua!

  17. Noah Marasco-Ayau says:

    Thank you to Ms. Barbosa and the rest of the music department for making my first and last year great!

  18. Siu Fung Tang says:

    It was my greatest pleasure to work with the most amazing friends, teachers, and boosters for four years! Thank you!

  19. Peter Noh says:

    Thank you family and friends for always being supportive, and Music Department for helping me achieve my goals in music!

  20. Tara Okahara says:

    Thank you to my unforgettable friends and family for all the love, support, and countless moments of laughter!

  21. Jocelyn Yip says:

    I’m so thankful for being able to spend my four years being a part of the MoHS Music Department.

  22. Jasmine Leung says:

    Thank you MoHS Music Department for being a part of my high school journey!! The memories will always be cherished!

  23. Jessica Kim says:

    This journey has truly been amazing. Mahalo to the directors, boosters, and my family for making it possible.

  24. Morgan Miyashiro says:

    Thank you boosters, directors, friends and family for all your continuous love and support throughout these past four years!

  25. Lauren Nakagawa says:

    Thank you friends, family, boosters, and directors for the love and support through my high school experience! Much appreciation!

  26. Julian-Bradley Ramos says:

    These past four years flew right by but I’m glad I got to spend it with a great music department!

  27. Lane Ochoa says:

    Thanks to the symphonic wind ensemble members for being the emotional part of my surgical recovery. You saved my life!

  28. Alisha Yanos says:

    MB has changed me for the better. Thanks to everyone in music department, my first and last year was amazing.

  29. Rosie Tamon says:

    THANK YOU directors, boosters, family, and friends that supported me throughout these past four years! The memories are truly unforgettable.

  30. Mariko Niosco says:

    When 99.99999% of the world is bringing you down, music is the 0.00001% why you shouldn’t give up. Mahalo family!

  31. Katrina Evangelista says:

    Thank you for the amazing memories filled with joy throughout my four years of being in the MOHS music department.

  32. Janelle Quiocho says:

    Thank you family and friends for all the love and support, and Music Department for an amazing 4 years!

  33. Alyson Soranaka says:

    Thank you family, friends, and directors for your support through my years of high school. I love you all!

  34. Journee Okamura says:

    I’m very grateful for having such a wonderful family in the Music Department and making this senior year very special.

  35. Ray Cochrane says:

    No years can be compared to High School. Cherish your time here and all the fleeting moments of your youth.

  36. Emily Cho says:

    Thank you family,friends, and music department people/teachers for being rad. You guys are the best. No regrets.

  37. Kevin Marquez says:

    Thanks to family, friends and teachers for helping us get where we are today. Keep on fostering greatness for generations!

  38. Dylan Fujimoto says:

    GARGANTUAN shoutouts to the boosters, directors, friends and everybody else for molding me into the person I am today!

  39. Jordan Agpaoa says:

    I want to thank everyone for not only helping through the years, but also for putting up with my shenanigans.

  40. David Enriquez says:

    Word’s cannot describe how thankful I am for this amazing department. From the directors, boosters, and members. Love you all!

  41. Haley Addison says:

    “Shout with joy to the Lord, all the earth;
    burst into songs and make music.”

  42. Ka Lok Lam says:

    I love band and I’m going to miss band. I LOVE you all! Thank You!!!

  43. Justin Garde says:

    I love Orchestra and I’m going to miss Orchestra. I LOVE you all! Thank you!!!

  44. Annie Lin says:

    On this musical journey, I’ve learnt that music is a powerful force that brings people together and pushes us forward.

  45. Wonjin Cho says:

    It’s been wonderful being part of such a great programs. Thank you to all those associated with the Music department.

  46. Marjorie Dingle says:

    I extend my gratitude and love to my family, friends, and my music department ohana for this exhilarating journey! Thanks!

  47. Chasity-Mae Real says:

    The MoHS Music Department is truly extraordinary. To my amazing friends, directors, and boosters, thanks for the unforgettable, life-changing memories!

  48. William Fong says:

    This musical adventure was fun; not for the music (well maybe), but for the people. Thank you for everything, everyone!

  49. Kalei Sur says:

    I’ll be forever thankful for what this department has taught me and will never forget the lessons I have learned.

  50. Jaymark Ganibi says:

    Music is a gift, but a family of musicians is a true blessing. I will always appreciate this wonderful program!

  51. Justin Honda says:

    To my loving and supportive family, friends, and beloved music department, thank you for EVERYTHING!

  52. Jaclyn Agena says:

    Thank you to the directors, boosters and the music department for the amazing friendships and memories I will cherish forever!

  53. Stephen Zarriello says:

    Thank you Music Department, Family, and Friends for all the memories and life lessons. I am blessed with the best!

  54. Irene Ma says:

    I’m glad that I bonded with everyone in these last 4 years together. Thanks for the fun experience!

  55. Michael Mau says:

    Thank you friends, family, directors, and the music boosters for all the amazing memories through out the past four years.

  56. Aaron Yoshida says:

    Thanks to Mr.Seta the best music teacher in the world! Shout out to Ritchie, Reyn, Josh, CREW.

  57. Il Ung Jeong says:

    Amazing program. Thank you.

  58. Micaiah Buted says:

    Music is love. Music is life. Thank you Moanalua Music Department for all the memories.

  59. Zhicheng Li says:

    Thanks music department!

  60. William Liu says:

    Mahalo for the ride, team.

  61. Joshua Villanueva says:

    It has been a wonderful journey through the MoHS Music Department and hope the Department continues to keep growing!

  62. Thank you to my loving family for always supporting me, the students and teachers who’ve helped me!

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