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MB – Performance Time Estimates *updated*

Hello everyone,

here are the start times for each of the festivals:

Kamehameha – 6:00 pm
OIA – 5:00 pm (Aloha Stadium) [$7 adults, $5 child]
Rainbow – 5:30 pm (Aloha Stadium) [$10 adults, $6 child]
Mililani – 5:00 pm [$8 adult, $6 child]

Below are the estimated return times (will most likely change).  Please note that all students will have to assist in unloading prior to being released.

Estimated Return Times
Kamehameha – 11:20 pm
OIA – 8:35 pm
Rainbow – 11:05 pm
Mililani – 2:30 am (Final Bash)

Thank you!

MB: Updated Performance Report Times

Hello everyone,

here are the updated report times for marching band.  Sorry for the change.  Had to update due to performance time changes.  Thank you!

Guard 12pm
EMs/DMs: 12:25 pm (load barriers)
Full: 12:50 pm

OIA: ($7 adult / $5 children)
All loading: (right after school) 2:3o pm
Report: 3:00 pm

Rainbow: ($10 adult / $6 children)
All Loading:(right after school) 3:15 pm
Report: 3:45 pm

Mililani:($8 Adult / $6 children)
EMs/DMs: 12:25 (load barriers)
Report: 12:50 pm 

Mene Classic Volunteers Video

Thank you so much for all of you who have volunteered to help make our 11th Annual Menehune Classic a success.  If you missed the meeting on Friday, October 18, please watch the video above to get a quick briefing on what is expected of each of the volunteers and how check-in and check-out procedures will work.

Let’s make Saturday a huge success.  Mahalo everyone!

MB: Performance Report Times

Hello everyone,

great job so far this season.  Keep it, keep pushing to be the best that you can be, and stay positive.  It’s going to be a busy fun last couple of weeks.  Don’t forget to focus on what’s most important, each other :)

Here are all the report times for the remainder of the season’s performances.  Please write them down and plan accordingly: (F.E. = Front ensemble, DM = Drum Majors, EMs = Equip managers)

Mene Classic:
F.E/DMs load time: 2:45 pm
Full: 3:30 pm

Aloha Stadium Practice:
F.E. load: 11:45 am
Guard: 12 pm
Load time: 12:15 pm
Report: 12:50 pm

Guard 12pm
EMs/DMs: 12:25 pm (load barriers)
Full: 12:50 pm

All loading: 2:45 pm
Report: 3:15 pm

All Loading: 3:15 pm
Report: 3:45 pm

Report: 12:50 pm

Marching Band Camp Checklist

Here is your Band Camp Checklist for your information so that you can get ready. click the link to view and print.

Your real itinerary will be given to you at practice on Thursday Night!!!

Get packed and go over every detail so that you can have a safe and enjoyable camp!!!

– Mr. Seta

Marching Band Camp Itinerary 2013 pg2