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Die Fledermaus SWE

Hey SWE…please listen and study this recording of the Die Fledermaus. Please practice your parts!!! See you after break!!!!

– Mr. Seta (^-^)/

Die Fledermaus (Suzuki)

Uniform Check In (Tues. 3/19)

The following items are the required Symphony Uniform that must be pre-packed. Please don’t forget anything. All items will be inspected and checked before it is packed for shipping. Items listed under “required” must be in the garment bag or your bag will not be accepted. Items that are not on the list will NOT be permitted. Garment bags will be provided by the Music Boosters. Shoes will need to be in a shoe bag and not in the garment bag. Check in must be with your roommates!

Please be sure that your garments are on a HANGER



  • Black Formal Gown  (this includes your top “cover up”)
  • Black Nylons
  • Black Dress Shoes or Sandals



  • Black Formal Coat
  • White Wing Tip Dress Shirt
  • Black Dress Pants
  • Black Dress Socks
  • White Bowtie
  • Black Studs
  • Black Dress Shoes

Optional (Highly Suggested):

  • Black Cummerbund
  • Black Cufflinks

Check in Schedule

Chaperone Groups

In line ready

Check in

Mindy Okahara



Hannah Watanabe



Lori Ching



Carolyn Gima



Carol Nishita



Gloria Matsumura



Lori Matsumoto



Joan Ho/Loretta Loo



Janice Oumaye



Colette Shichida



SO Carnegie Trip Meeting 5:00PM

Reminder to all SO Trip Members and Parents:

The Meeting for all participating SO members and parents is on Sunday March 17 at 5PM

There was a message that was sent out indicating a 4pm start. Please disregard this error. The official time of the final meeting is 5:00pm.

Please know that this meeting is crucial to the success of our tour. It is MANDATORY for all students and parents to attend. You will not be able to participate in this tour if you do not attend.

Parents: Please sign in when you enter. You will need to fill out forms that are in English. If you will need assistance, please bring someone with you to help with interpretation and writing.

Thank you all for your hard work, understanding, and cooperation.

The dream moment is almost here!!!!

– Elden Seta (^-^)/

Symphony Orch Recordings for evaluations

Hi gang! Good job again at the road to carnegie concert. We leave in 9 days and there is still much to do to be “Carnegie Hall Ready”.

Study the provided audio so that you can make corrections and improvements. It’s getting there! Just keep focused and practice smart and correct.

Let’s all make this perfect for all!!!

– Mr Seta (^-^)

01 Russlan and Ludmilla

02 Internet Symphony _Eroica_

03 Aloha from Hawaii

04 Symphony #4 IV. Finale

The Road to Carnegie Hall Concert

Hello all Moanalua fans and supporters. This is just a heads up that the concert on Sunday is nearly sold out. All pre-sale tickets are sold. There are just a FEW tickets left that we will sell at the door.

We thank you all for your interest and support of the members of the Symphony Orchestra. They are working extremely hard to put this program together and it is our honor to have the opportunity to perform for you.

Those of you who have tickets..please don’t lose them or forget them at home. We hope to be able to service everyone. If not…we apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you again. See you all on Sunday…6pm…at Pearl City Cultural Center.

2013 Booster Scholarship

Application for the 2013 MoHS Music Boosters Association Scholarship.

MoHS 2013 Scholarship Application- V04

MoHS 2013 Scholarship Involvement Record- V03