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The Road to Carnegie Hall Concert

The time for the Symphony Orchestra to take the stage in Carnegie Hall is almost here. Time sure flies fast and the members of the orchestra have been working extremely hard to prepare this once in a lifetime chance in the Big Apple.

The orchestra will preview their Carnegie Hall program in a concert on March 10, 2013.  The performance will take place in the Pearl City Cultural Center Auditorium stating at 6:00pm.

Ticket Sales for this special performance will begin on  Thursday February 28th.

All proceeds from this performance will help to defray the enormous cost for the group’s travel. Tickets are $10 for General Admission. Children under 3 years old free. Tickets are available through the Moanalua High School Music Dept. (831-7905) or orchestra member.

Checks for tickets should be made payable to:
Moanalua High School Music Boosters Assn.

The members of the Moanalua High School Symphony Orchestra would be honored by your presence. We hope to see all of you there!!! Invite all of your friends!!! Send flyer below!!!!

Road to Carnegie Hall Flyer

Movie Night!!!!!

Hey Everyone!

Movie Night is finally here! WOOHOOO! Hope you are all excited to party it up with great fellowship and good food.   Use this time to take a break from all the hard work we’ve been doing during our rehearsals.
Just a few reminders for tomorrow, February 23, 2013
  • Doors open at 5:30pm.
  • Bring your ID! It’s the only way to get in.
  • Pack a JACKET!
  • Bring something to sit on (mats, blankets, etc.)
Don’t worry so much about the weather. If it does not look safe to be outside, we do have an alternate plan.
Okay! Let’s get ready to PARTY!~ See you all tomorrow! Shoots! ^___^

Perc Ensemble 2/14 Rehearsal

01 La Boda de Luis Alonso

Symphony Orchestra Carnegie Trip Info

Hey SO!!!! The trip is just around the corner!!! Woo Hooooo!!!!  Here is some info and reminders:

  1. Be sure to check the board for your name on the program. Need to be sure that the spelling is correct
  2. Sign up for Rooming is on Wed.  Feb. 13 (5 min after 2nd bell)
  • Boys: 11 Quads / 2 Triples
  • Girls: 9 Quads / 2 Triples

3.  Go to the website and fill out the form for the instrument information.

4.  Don’t forget that we have full orchestra on Wed. Be seated by 5:50pm. We will be pushing extra hard from here on so be ready. YOU CAN DO IT!!! p(^-^)q

Thank you so much everyone!

Mr. Seta (^-^)/

Perc Ensemble Rehearsal

Hey Perc Ensemble! It’s getting better! Take the time to listen to the run through and make corrections and improvements!


– Mr. Seta (^-^)/

01 La Boda de Luis Alfonso


(Sorry everyone, updated the link!)

Hello SO members!

The trip is coming up and we need to collect some information on the instruments you are intending to bring to New York.  Please take a moment to fill out this form.  Please make sure you follow all directions and fill it out accurately.  Also please look below for the following notes:

  • Please fill out all student information (no blanks).
  • ALL members must fill out a form including those using personal instruments
  • Please fill out the rest of the information to the best of your knowledge.
  • For the instrument section – the Country of Origin, Costs, and Make Number are optional if you do not know the information.
  • Please fill out a form for each instrument case that you will bring on the trip
  • Clarinets with a double case: fill out the secondary instrument section (you do not need to fill out two separate forms)
  • String Basses and Percussion need not fill out the instrument information section (Percussion: only fill out one form)

If there are any questions, please see Mr. Kubota.  Please have the form filled/submitted by February 15th.

Thank you gang!

P.S. here is the form link again: